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Can I start work in the Online version and then continue in the Desktop version?
Yes, you can work between the different interfaces. You just have to make sure you save works in progress, like a template or email message, before opening them in a different interface.
Are there any limitations to types of mailing lists you can send to with PM365 or PoliteMail online?
It will depend on how your organization’s mailing lists are configured, but generally, you will not have access to your Exchange mailing lists when using PoliteMail online. However, you will  have access to those if you use PoliteMail365...
 Saving a Message as a Draft
Save As / Drafts Your browser does not support HTML5 video. A ‘Save As’ button has been added to allow saving the message as a draft.  Anyone can view a saved message, similar to a shared mailbox. For PoliteMail for the Des...
Can I recall an email?
Unfortunately, the recall function does not work with PoliteMail as the way sending is performed is completely different than how that function operates. To "recall" a message you will need to stop mail flow and clear the emails out of t...
If I send through PoliteMail Online, will the results from that email show in an older Outlook desktop results view?
No. PoliteMail online is only available if you upgrade to version 5.0.  To view Results on the Desktop, the Desktop interface would also need to be upgraded to 5.0.
Can PoliteMail leverage attributes in Azure AD that can break down measurements by departments in a company?
For security purposes, PoliteMail is restricted to MS Graph list expansion and SSO authentication requests in Entra ID. However, you can leverage some of the capabilities of our Syncronym product for effective list management and metrics capture. ...
 Viewing Sent Items
Sent Items Your browser does not support HTML5 video. A ‘Download’ button has been added to the Metrics Report, which allows you to view the item that was sent.  This is similar to a pre-flight test , but after the item has b...
Does PoliteMail support dynamic distribution lists?
Version 5.0 does support dynamic distribution lists if configured correctly.  We can review your specific set-up during your implementation call.
Can we limit the measurement modes people can use in PoliteMail Online?
Yes, Admins will have the ability to limit Measurement Modes.  Admins can also lock down that setting and make it global, so all users have the same Measurement Modes available to them.
Can we change the preview header text in PoliteMail Online?
Not at this time..
How to Clear the Global Address List (GAL) Cache
Clearing the Global Address List (GAL) Cache In the Outlook main window, click the File menu. From the File menu, click the Options button. In the Options, click the Mail tab and scroll down to the Send Messages section. Click the Empty...
Can I resend an email to only those who haven't opened a message the first time?
Yes, but only if you are using Individual Measurement Mode. Go to the Metrics page for the message and click on the Didn't Open metric on the bottom left-hand side. This will open a data grid of contacts who have not responded.  Select...
What do the different Send Statuses mean?
Send Status The Scheduled Sends window now displays icons that indicate the current status of each message.  This replaces automated email notifications, which can be a distraction and are quickly outdated. Use Case:  If a user needs...
Web-Safe Fonts for PoliteMail
In any edition of PoliteMail, if an email recipient does not have the font that you are using installed on their device (or the font is not compatible with their OS), the font will be substituted for a generic font depending on the type of font use...
How do I add a bookmark in an Outlook email?
Inserting a Bookmark in Outlook In Outlook, the Bookmark feature can help you find or skip to a specific place at ease without scrolling through large blocks of text. Bookmarks are not trackable by PoliteMail as PoliteMail only tracks external link...
How do I prevent Outlook from automatically embedding images?
If the images you place into a PoliteMail message are getting delivered as attachments, or your emails (file size) are too large and are taking too long to send, Outlook may be automatically embedding all images. When you paste images into an Outlo...
PoliteMail Interactions
In PoliteMail 5.0, the PoliteMail Panel is called "Interactions."  You can monitor how many people are opening your email in near real-time, as well as get information such as Response type from your recipients and what kind of a...
How do I save a sent Message as a PDF?
If using Office 2016+, one option is to use Microsoft Print to PDF. Go to File > Print and choose Microsoft Print to PDF. You will then be prompted to save the output as a PDF file. If this option is not available to you, here is another wa...
How can I remove Measurement for a specific link or smart attachment?
This same process also works for Smart Attachments. If you would like to enable PoliteMail tracking on a message, but would like certain links to NOT be tracked, simply add ?notrack=true  to the end of the URL. After you’ve inserted...
Using the BCC Field in PoliteMail
When sending tracked messages using PoliteMail, it is not necessary to use the Bcc field for your recipients. Each recipient will get his/her own copy of the message addressed only to him/herself, even if they are on multiple distribution lists. No...
Can I send Adaptive / Actionable Cards in a message to a shared mailbox?
According to Microsoft, adaptive or actionable cards must be sent to an individual and not a group.  In addition, the recipient must have an account with or Exchange Online.  Since a shared mailbox is treated as a group, Adap...
Can I use simpler links in PoliteMail like I do in Outlook?
Using Simpler / Friendlier Links in a Measured Message In Outlook for the desktop as well as O365, inserted links from OneDrive or SharePoint will automatically add the file type icon (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and shorten the URL to the name...