Viewing Sent Items

Applies To:   PoliteMail Desktop    PoliteMail Online   □ PoliteMail O365

Sent Items

A ‘Download’ button has been added to the Metrics Report, which allows you to view the item that was sent.  This is similar to a pre-flight test, but after the item has been sent.  

Use Case: As part of troubleshooting or verification, you want to confirm that the received message looks like what was seen from the Preflight Test, downloading the message will do so.

Accessing the Message

  • From the Results Report of the message, clicking the 'Download' button will download a .msg file that can be viewed as read-only in Outlook.  This will display the actual message but will not affect the report metrics when you view it.


  • .msg files can be viewed in any version of Outlook, or there are also third-party msg readers available.
  • The message can be forwarded, but it will then be measured.