Using Opt-Out in PoliteMail 4.9

This feature applies to Version 4.9 and under.  For versions 4.9.1 and up, please refer to the article on Subscriptions.

The opt-out feature removes the contact from ALL mailing lists. 

Customizing Your Opt-Out Page

It’s a good idea to begin by customizing your Opt-out page.

1. Go to the PoliteMail from the Outlook Ribbon and choose Settings > Opt-out. (If using PoliteMail version 4.9, this will be under Settings > Subscription)

2. Now you can begin to customize your Opt-out page. Choose Modify.

3. You can add a company logo and fill out the text fields to personalize your opt-out page. If you add a logo, make sure you click Upload to add the logo to the PoliteMail server. You can also Preview your page.

4. When you have finished, click Save.

Applying Your Opt-Out Page

Now you have the option to include your custom Opt-out page on every message you send out, or to apply it to specific messages.

  • If you want the Opt-out page to appear on every message you send out, go to PoliteMail > Settings > Preferences. Check the box next to Enable Opt-Out (Enable Subscription in version 4.9).
  • If you want the Opt-Out page to appear on specific messages, select New Email from the Outlook Ribbon. Under the PoliteMail flag drop-down menu, choose Enable Opt-Out (Subscriptions in 4.9). Your opt-out message will now appear at the bottom of your email.
  • Depending on which tracking mode you are using, you can compile a list of opt-outs to remove them from Distribution Lists.