Social Link Measurement

Applies To:    PoliteMail Desktop      PoliteMail Online     PoliteMail O365

Version:  4.9    5.0    5.1+

Social Link Measurement allows you to measure metrics, such as click throughs, for links posted outside of PoliteMail. For example, you can generate a measured link for a website, put it in a Twitter or Facebook post, and view the results in PoliteMail.

Using Social Link Measurement

PoliteMail for the Outlook Desktop

To use Social Link Measurement click on the icon in your main PoliteMail tab.

Give the link a name, input the source URL, and click Create. For this example, the URL of PoliteMail's profile on G2 reviews will be used.

Once you have the measured URL, copy that and place it into your social media post.

PoliteMail Online

PoliteMail Online does not have a dedicated button to generate the measured link.  Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Results > Social Link.  
  2. If the URL is not in the list, click the 'New' button to create the link in PoliteMail.  You'll need to name it and enter the complete URL.  You can also enter a description, segment, and/or make it Shared if you wish, and then click Save.
  3. The link will now display in the list, and the QR Code displayed is the new measured link that will allow the link to be measured in PoliteMail.  Select the link by clicking on the circle in the left column when you hover over it, and then click on 'Export QR Code'.  This will export the QR code to your PC as an .SVG file.  Note the location where it is saved.
  4. There are several external websites that will display the url from a QR code, such as this one.  Just upload the image of the QR code and the resulting URL will display.  This is the URL to use in your social media post.
    • If desired, you can also just use the QR code instead of the URL, especially if you are sending a message to recipients that are likely to be using a mobile device.

Viewing Metrics

To edit or review the results, navigate to Results > Social Link Measurement.  Double-click on the click to view the metrics.

If you need to copy or view the Measured URL, select the link by clicking on it . A new window will open with text fields that you can copy from.  To view the metrics, double-click on the link.

To copy or view a Measured Link, select it from the list and then choose the appropriate command under the Actions button.

TIP: If you would like the QR code in another format such as PNG or JPG, you can use a third party website such as QR Code Generator.  Be sure to enter the URL generated from PoliteMail (the measured URL) and not the source URL.