PoliteMail User Guides

Version 5.0 of PoliteMail has new editions of the software!

The PoliteMail 5 Desktop User Guide is for desktop users, and is what you will be used to if you're coming from an earlier version of PoliteMail.

The PoliteMail 5 Online User Guide is for the new PoliteMail Online! Access PoliteMail from anywhere and enjoy nearly all of the same great features you already use.

The PoliteMail 5 O365 Training Guide is a new add-on for Microsoft 365 users! You won't be able to access the reporting features that you can in the desktop and online versions, but you can easily switch to PoliteMail online when needed.

Older Versions

PoliteMail User Guide 4.972.pdf

PoliteMail User Guide 4.96.pdf

PoliteMail User Guide 4.94.pdf

PoliteMail User Guide 4.91.pdf