Web-Safe Fonts for PoliteMail

In any edition of PoliteMail, if an email recipient does not have the font that you are using installed on their device (or the font is not compatible with their OS), the font will be substituted for a generic font depending on the type of font used (serif, sand serif, monospace, etc).

If you have a corporate font and you know it’s been installed on all your recipients' computers, it’s OK to use it, recognizing they might not have it on their mobile or work from home mailbox if using a browser-based email client not on their office computer.

PoliteMail Online

The fonts available in PoliteMail Online are installed at the PoliteMail level and other fonts cannot be added at the user or company level.  At PoliteMail we regularly look at the web fonts made available for PoliteMail Online to give you plenty of options.

When the PoliteMail Online web app is rendered, the operating system determines which fonts from the list are compatible with the OS, and installed, and this is the list of fonts that becomes available in the editor.

If you have a particular font that is essential to show, for example in a heading, you could always try inserting it as an image.