Adding Images with PoliteMail Online

Applies To: □ PoliteMail Desktop   PoliteMail Online  □ PoliteMail O365 

Version: □ 4.94   □ 4.97   5.x

Adding Images with PoliteMail Online

Using the Add Image Button

If you have the URL of an image that is stored online, you can use the Add Image button to insert it into your message.  

  • Note that this can only be done with online files; to insert a locally stored image, you will need to add it via the PoliteMail Builder first.  This allows the image to be linked instead of embedded in the message, allowing for faster sending.

I added an image via URL but it doesn't appear!

If you entered the URL for an image and nothing seems to have happened, first click the 'View Code' button in the toolbar to see if the url for the shows in the HTML.  If it does, the issue may come from your CSP.  You can find out more about CSPs here, but feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Using the PoliteMail Builder

You can also add an image from the PoliteMail Builder in the same way that you would in PoliteMail for the Outlook desktop.

  1. Click on the 'PoliteMail Builder' button to open the panel on the right.
  2. Click the hamburger menu () and select 'Images'.  You can browse for the image you want or use the search bar.
  3. Once you have found the image you want, either double-click on it or drag it to the main window to add it to your message.