How Does Measurement Work?


Opens are measured using uniquely encoded, transparent beacon images referenced from within the HTML email message using standard https requests to the PoliteMail Server. Reads are timed while the message is open, whether in the preview pane, in the browser, or on a mobile device. Links are measured via redirects, by replacing the direct link URLs within the original email with encoded links. When clicked, these https referenced links redirect from the PoliteMail Server to the original destination URL.

You cannot add measurement to an email that was already sent without measurement turned on. You would have to resend the message with measurement selected. To turn measurement on, open Outlook > New Message and click the blue flag. Choose the Measurement Mode from the drop-down.

Technical Note: Measurement modes may be locked down on the server side by an Admin, such that only one mode, or a specific set of modes, is available to users. When more than one mode is available, users may set their default preference.