Will my messages automatically save as I create them?

Applies To: □ PoliteMail Desktop   PoliteMail Online  □ PoliteMail O365 

Version: □ 4.9   □ 5.0   5.1+

Yes!  Starting with version 5.15, messages you compose will auto-save as a Draft every five minutes.  This time interval is a setting that can be adjusted by your System Administrator.  Note that this is with PoliteMail Online only as Outlook for the desktop already has an autosave feature.

Be careful when using the Autosave feature when saving Messages as a Draft.  If a Draft Message is created and is being viewed by someone other than the creator when the Autosave kicks in, the viewer will become the new owner and can potentially lock out the original author.  If this happens, the reviewer can simply Share the message or save it as a Draft again.

Earlier versions of PoliteMail will not auto-save your messages.