How to Send PoliteMail with Aggregate Measurement Through the Outbox

Applies To: PoliteMail Desktop  □ PoliteMail Online □ PoliteMail O365

Version:  4.9    5.0    5.1+

Aggregate measurement mode provides you with entry level metrics. Aggregate measures the message, and counts unique devices and browsers. It does not collect or store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). With Aggregate measurement, there is no follow-up or segmentation capability. Aggregate does not require any Exchange configuration.

With Aggregate Measurement via Outlook Outbox, PoliteMail doesn’t expand a distribution list upon sending, and Outlook takes over sending instead – so expect the typical behavior for an Office 365 group in which the Sender will not receive a copy. If the sender wants to receive a copy of the email, they can simply put their email address in the cc field.

You are able to group your messages into Campaigns with Aggregate Sending. 

Version 4.9: Please watch this video to get an overview of setting up your preferences and how to compose an email using Aggregate Tracking.

Please watch this video to get an overview of how to read metrics from your sent messages.