My Email is Taking Too Long to Send

Applies To:    PoliteMail Desktop      PoliteMail Online     PoliteMail O365

Version:  4.9    5.0    5.1+

Your send may be taking a long time based on several factors. Larger distribution lists will take longer to send to. There also may be others in your organization sending at the same time. You must wait for their send to go completely through before you can send yours.

To verify that your send is going through, check in Scheduled Sends. Go to PoliteMail > Campaigns > Scheduled Sends. If the message is there, and there is a check (an envelope with a clock icon in version 4.9x) in the Enabled column, your message is ready for delivery.

It might be still replicating, or it might be waiting for another message to clear the mail queue before it goes through. Your message will send, but it may take some time. Please keep checking your Results tab for your message to be delivered.

If the enabled column has a red X or the icon does not show, single-click it to open the Edit window and place a checkmark in the "Enabled" box.

  • In version 4.9x, click the Edit button, place the checkmark in the box, and click Update.

If your messages are still taking too long, you can submit a case to Support so we can expand your distribution lists and see if there are any ways we can help get your messages sending faster.