Can I use simpler links in PoliteMail like I do in Outlook?

Applies To: PoliteMail Desktop  □ PoliteMail Online PoliteMail O365

Version:  4.9    5.0    5.1+

Using Simpler / Friendlier Links in a Measured Message

In Outlook for the desktop as well as O365, inserted links from OneDrive or SharePoint will automatically add the file type icon (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and shorten the URL to the name of the inserted file.  This is functionality built by Microsoft, and you can find more information about the feature here.

Friendlier link creation will also work with PoliteMail measurement enabled.  Friendlier links are not currently automatically created in PoliteMail Online, but you can create the same result by insert an image or button that links to your desired endpoint.