Does PoliteMail Work With Microsoft 365 Hosted Exchange?

Yes!  The latest version of PoliteMail is available via Microsoft 365 ( as well as through PoliteMail Online.

PoliteMail Server will require an Exchange Service Account, with adequate permission levels to request members of the distribution groups you intend to send to.

Configuring PoliteMail Server for Office 365, and Office 365 Hybrid, and Office 365 Dedicated solutions may require specific configuration settings, depending upon your specific implementation details.  These configurations are handled on a case by case basis by your assigned PoliteMail Server Administrator.

Office 365 Dedicated solutions require that the PoliteMail Server system be configured to communicate with Exchange, in other words, your Exchange Service must be visible to the PoliteMail Server over your network. PoliteMail Enterprise Cloud Servers may be deployed using a virtual private cloud architecture to support IPsec connections.