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Switching between Multiple PoliteMail Accounts
Multiple Account Switching For people with multiple PoliteMail servers, the server name is now in a drop-down menu for users to select from, rather than having to type the server name in every time.
 What is the difference between PoliteMail for the Desktop, Online, and 365? Updated
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. PoliteMail Desktop vs Online vs 365 PoliteMail for the desktop allows you to create powerful measured emails for your internal communications, without ever leaving the Outlook application.  Us...
Getting Started with PoliteMail365
Using PoliteMail for Microsoft 365 The Politemail365 Add-On is designed to give users quick access to PoliteMail measurement tools without leaving Outlook online. A user can access any content that has been stored on the PoliteMail Server, as wel...