How Does Measurement (Tracking) Work?

PoliteMail, like all email marketing software, uses standard web-page image beacon to determine opens. Email open measurement is the result of the recipient displaying the images within the email. It is the image referenced from the PoliteMail Server that enables measurement of the open, and no other user interaction is required (unlike a read-receipt, which interrupts the user and requires input).

When measurement is turned on, PoliteMail will include a tiny transparent measurement image (sometimes called a web beacon). Images are displayed automatically when the sender’s address is in the recipient’s address book, contacts, or safe senders list. Otherwise, the recipient must click the download pictures or display contact bar at the top of the email message.

For internal email in corporate environments, Exchange administrators can set group policies to automatically download pictures when email is from internal addresses, providing PoliteMail users with significantly more accurate open measurement results.

Each recipient on your distribution list will receive their own unique copy of the sent message, and so, each person has his or her own measurement beacon.  

Link measurement will always tell you who clicks on a specific link and when. Link clicks are measured using HTML redirects, which only display when hovering over the link within the email. PoliteMail does provide support for branded domain names for link clicks. The link display is the only difference your recipients would notice between a PoliteMail message and a regular Outlook email.

Will Links have Appended Text?

Link measurement in PoliteMail is performed via encoded URL redirects, similar to the way M365 SafeLinks or Proofpoint URL rewriting works, except that PoliteMail uses the technique for measurement and not for security (PoliteMail is compatible with both of those, however).

Appending text to links is necessary for measurement to work.  While some measurement tools will append text to a link using brackets [], PoliteMail uses a ? append instead, which is much more reliable.  For example, if in a message you have a link to:

PoliteMail will change this link to something like: