How do I fill out the CSR Form for a Branded Hostname?

How to Fill Out a CSR Form for a Branded Hostname

Access and download the CSR Form here!

Because PoliteMail deploys dedicated servers per account, you can be assigned your own subdomain (e.g. or to the PoliteMail Server. This can be helpful in cases where companies have done phishing education, as the hover-over links will point to an authentic corporate domain, instead of our default hostname ( 

*Denotes a mandatory field. 

Friendly Name
(Defaults to Common Name if not specified)
Company Name Certificate (not required)
*Common NamePrimary name to be included in SAN
*OrganizationWhat type of organization you are Example: Healthcare, Finance, Services, Technology, Chemicals, Logistics, etc
*Organization UnitWhat type of role you are in Example: communications, marketing, IT, etc.
*City/LocalityCity you are located in
*State/ProvinceState you are located in (not abbrev.)
 *Country/RegionCountry you are located in
*Primary Host Name to be included in SANExample:
*Secondary Host Name to be included in SANExample:
Desired Key Size
(Defaults to 2048 if not specified)
This is encryption complexity, if you wish it to be higher than 2048 please specify otherwise can be left blank