Subject Suggester

Applies To: □ PoliteMail Desktop   PoliteMail Online  □ PoliteMail O365 

Version: □ 4.9   □ 5.0   5.1+

While Ai/B Subject Line testing is powerful, Subject Suggester brings the power of Ai/B testing and embeds it directly into the Subject line!

On the right side of the Subject line, the Subject Suggester icon appears.  Compose your message as you normally would (including your subject line), and then click on the icon for the Subject Suggester to do its work.

  • The Subject Suggester will display up to 5 suggestions for an alternate subject (only 5 maximum are listed in the interest of speed).
  • Each option might display an open star, a gold star, or a gold star with "highlights" coming from it, which shows the level of likelihood of the alternative subject have a greater impact on your Metrics than the original subject you have entered.
    • Note that the Subject Suggester is iterative; you can click on the icon more than once to get different suggestions that might be a better fit.
  • If you choose a different subject and then change your mind, you'll either need to re-enter the old subject or use Ctrl-z to revert; there is no "undo" option with the Subject Suggester.