PoliteMail Free Trial vs. PoliteMail Pilot Program

PoliteMail offers a free trial download which allows you to send 100 tracked email messages with Aggregate Measurement Mode through the Outlook Outbox. This enables you to experience the product inside of Outlook, and get a feel for how simple it is to use and how the tracking works. You will not be able to send to any sizable distribution list or any AD-based list.

Because PoliteMail is a client/server system (the server collects the tracking data), a server component is required. Because the free trial utilizes our shared server infrastructure and is not in any way connected to your internal network, the free trial is not recommended for an accurate test of internal communications.

  • The shared PoliteMail Server account provided with the free trial does not integrate with your Exchange Environment, therefore, it can not send to Exchange or AD distribution groups.
  • As the shared PoliteMail Server is not within your network, open tracking can only be expected to be similar to what you would get from externally sent email (10-20%). With our internal solutions, the email remains within your standard Outlook/Exchange environment, and you can expect 100% open tracking (most corporate accounts see rates between 70-95%).
  • Link tracking to internal secure intranet sites may not work effectively, again due to the configuration of using an outside, shared tracking server.

PoliteMail does offer a corporate Pilot Program, which provides our full internal communications solution to you. The Pilot may be run with either an in-house or cloud-hosted server infrastructure, which is dedicated for your company’s use only and is safely secured into your internal Exchange environment.

This Pilot system will allow you to fully test the system with 5-users (senders), as well as send and measure to your entire all-employee Exchange Distribution List, or any Exchange Group or Entra ID-based distribution group.