PoliteMail Administrator Guides

Version 5 has new Documentation!

The PoliteMail 5.0 Admin Guide.pdf covers the basic setup and usage of PoliteMail for an Administrator, such as setting up users, a list of all settings, importing lists, etc.

The Admin Guide covers all interfaces of PoliteMail: the desktop COM Add-In, PoliteMail Online, and PoliteMail for Microsoft 365.

The desktop and online versions have very nearly the same features, and we encourage you to try them both out.  PoliteMail for Microsoft 365 also contains a convenient link that allows you to quickly switch to PoliteMail Online to access additional functionality such as settings or Metrics reports.  Refer to this article for a description of what features are available for each interface.

Older Versions

PoliteMail Admin Guide 4.97.pdf

PoliteMail Admin Guide 4.96.pdf

PoliteMail Admin Guide 4.95.pdf

PoliteMail Admin Guide 4.94.pdf