Manually Opting-Out Contacts from Mailing Lists

You can choose to manually opt-out Contacts. Once you have changed their status to Opt-Out, they will be opted-out of all mailing lists within PoliteMail. This is useful if you have a Contact that is a member of several mailing lists that you don’t want to keep removing every time you import them.

  1. Go to PoliteMail > Lists > Contacts
  2. Click on the Contact you want opted-out (and click on the Edit button in Version 4.9x).
  3. In the side panel, click the More Details tab and then select 'Opt Out' from the 'Status' field.
    • Version 4.9x: If you don't see the Status column, click on the drop-down menu in any column heading and select it to display it.  Under Status, choose Opt-Out
  4. Click Save/Update.

The Contact is now opted-out of all current mailing lists and any future ones that are imported.