What is the difference between PoliteMail for the Desktop, Online, and 365?

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PoliteMail Desktop vs Online vs 365

PoliteMail for the desktop allows you to create powerful measured emails for your internal communications, without ever leaving the Outlook application.  Use the PoliteMail Builder to create Templates, manage your Content, manage users, view Measurement reports and more.  At the same time, you can use the many tools and add-ins that Outlook has to offer.

For maximum flexibility, PoliteMail Online offers the same great features as the Desktop edition in an online interface – no downloads required.  PoliteMail Online is not a part of Microsoft Outlook, and so the interface is slightly different, and no other Outlook components (such as the Outlook Calendar) or add-ins are included.  A great choice for those on the road!

If your organization uses Microsoft 365 to access Outlook online, PoliteMail 365 allows users to send or schedule measured messages from the Outlook.com interface, and can access their PoliteMail Content.  Users cannot access any reporting or a few other features, but there is a handy link to quickly go to PoliteMail Online to use those features when needed.

General Features Comparison

Feature Desktop Online M 365
Requires app installation

Tools Reside Inside Outlook

Social Advocacy

Appointment Metrics

Web Analytics Integration

Monitor other Inboxes for Delivery

Account Settings
Metric Results
Suppress Auto Replies

Direct Replies To

Brand Themes
Smart Attachments
Ai/B Testing
PoliteMail Builder
Scheduled Sending
Use Existing Distribution Groups