What do all of the buttons in the toolbar in PoliteMail Online do?

Applies To: □ PoliteMail Desktop   PoliteMail Online  □ PoliteMail O365 

Version: □ 4.94   □ 4.97   5.x

PoliteMail Online features special toolbars that are not available with PoliteMail for the Outlook desktop.  A description of these is below.  Note that depending on the resolution of your display and the version of PoliteMail you are using, not all of the buttons might be visible.  

 Copy selection to the clipboard

 Paste from the clipboard.  If you have multiple items in the clipboard, stored items can be retrieved from storage with the drop down arrow.

 Cut the selection to the clipboard.

 Format painter.  Use to copy formatting by selecting the formatting to copy, clicking the button, and then selecting the text to apply the formatting to.

 Toggles between viewing the actual message and viewing HTML.  Use this button to import and HTML message.

 Select the font or change the font of the selected text.

 Select the font size or change the font size of the selected text

 Set or change the selected text to bold, italic, and/or underline

 Set or change to select text to either a bulleted list or a numbered list

 Indent (move right) or outdent (move left) the cursor or selected text.

 Set the cursor or selected text to be left-justified, right-justified, or centered.

 Clear all formatting from the selected text.

 Select the predefined paragraph style for the paragraph, such as Normal, Heading 1, etc.

 Select the color.  A tab appears in the menu to select either the text color or the background color.

 Insert an online picture.  You will need the URL of the image; you can only upload an image via the PoliteMail Builder.

 Insert an online video.  You will need either the URL of the video or the embed code; you can only upload video via the PoliteMail Builder.

 Insert an online file.  This is usually text that you can quickly insert.  You will need the URL of the file to insert.

 Insert or create a hyperlink.

 Spell-check your message.  Possible spelling errors will display a red underline, and possible grammatical errors will display a blue underline.

 Show the word count display.  This small window will display the estimated read time, word count, reading ease score, and approximate grade level of the message.

 Turn on or off auto-hyphenation.  Hyphenation will only appear on the recipient’s view.

Toggle from displaying the toolbar above your message or at the bottom.

 Insert an HTML Class name, such as Warning or Activated.  This will typically only be viewable in HTML view.

 Adjust the line spacing.

 Set the cursor or selected text to be superscript or subscript.

 Select all text in the message.

 Insert a horizontal line across the page.  This is useful if you need a horizontal line from margin to margin regardless of screen resolution.

 Opens a list of special characters to insert in your message, such as special symbols or small icons.

 Search for specific text in the message.  Use the drop-down find the next instance, previous instance, or replace the text with something else.

 Expand the window to full-size.  The button changes to  when clicked; click it to return to reduced size.

 View a preview of your message in a pop-up window.  This is useful with embeds or HTML.

 Open a print dialog to print the message.

 About Jodit.   Jodit is a customizable toolbar set of code used by PoliteMail Online.