What is the PoliteMail Sandbox?

Applies To:    PoliteMail Desktop      PoliteMail Online     PoliteMail O365

Version: □ 4.9   □ 5.0   5.1+

The PoliteMail Sandbox, new to version 5.15 and higher of PoliteMail, is an easy way to experiment with the powerful features of PoliteMail without requirement IT involvement and configuration.  With the PoliteMail Sandbox, you can:

  • Connect to PoliteMail using Single-Sign On (SSO) using a Google, Microsoft or other popular account.  You can also enjoy an SSO-like login experience with an assigned userid and password!
  • Experiment with all PoliteMail features, both via PoliteMail Online as well as with PoliteMail for the Outlook desktop!

Sandbox Limitations

While you have access to all PoliteMail features, there are some differences between it and the full integration of PoliteMail:

  • The PoliteMail Sandbox does not currently send via Microsoft Graph.  This means your address book will not pre-fill with your distribution lists you already have, nor will you be able to send messages to very large numbers of recipients.
  • The email address you send from is fixed as comms@polit.email.  This means that images will not automatically download as the sender email address is not from a recognized domain.
  • Syncronym is not available in the PoliteMail Sandbox.

Want to learn more?  We have self-paced training on all things Sandbox in our Flight School! Contact your sales representative for login access.