What is involved in upgrading from one version of PoliteMail to another?

We recommend using the most recent version of PoliteMail whenever possible.  Like any application, PoliteMail gets regular feature updates and enhancements, as well as fixes to the software as hardware and standards constantly change.  

The process that happens to roll out these updates will vary depending on whether you are using PoliteMail for the Outlook desktop (COM Add-in), PoliteMail for M365 (Modern Add-in), or PoliteMail Online.

PoliteMail for the Outlook Desktop

Because Outlook is physically installed on a user's desktop PC, upgrading this edition of PoliteMail may require the most intervention on the part of your internal IT team, depending on your permission settings.  

As with any installed software (including Outlook), the PoliteMail COM Add-in can be configured to install updates automatically, similar to Windows updates, or your IT configuration may require a push of such updates to the desktops.  Again, depending on permissions, you may or may not be able to install the update yourself.

PoliteMail for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 uses what is called "Modern" Add-ins instead of COM Add-ins.  Modern Add-ins can be configurated via a “manifest”, which is an XML document that defines the add-in for a group of users and is typically set up by an Administrator.  

For updates to PoliteMail for M365, no IT intervention is required.  Instead, the manifest defines how the add-in gets configured for those users, adds the Outlook interface elements, and references the URLs and APIs which will run when the add-in is used.  Those URLs and APIs can be updated on the server side, so when the software is updated, and/or the XML file is updates, the add-in software updates occur automatically.

Modern add-ins are also cross platform, so the add-in gets installed on all Outlook versions the user runs, desktop, online, Mac, etc.  

PoliteMail for M365 does not currently have all the functionality of PoliteMail Online or for the Outlook Desktop.  Please see this article for more information.

PoliteMail Online

Because the interface is a web page hosted by the server, PoliteMail Online is updated automatically on the server, and no IT intervention is needed.