PoliteMail Message Size Warning

You may receive a warning if your messages are over 500KB in size.  This is because larger messages can take a longer time to send and, in some cases, cause PoliteMail to bog down completely (especially if sending to many thousands of recipients).

If your emails are taking longer than usual to send, it may be that your message is larger than the recommend 500KB. You can check the size of your message before sending it to your recipients by using the PreFlight Test Send:

  1. Send yourself a pre-flight test send.
  2.  Open the message when you receive it.  On the upper left of your screen, click on File > Properties.  This will display the size of the message.

Reducing the Message Size

  • Make sure you are referencing your images instead of embedding them by using the Add Image feature.
  • If using attachments, use our Smart Attachment feature instead of attaching the file in Outlook.