How do I get a link to give to people to subscribe to Mailing Lists?

Getting a Subscription URL to Share

Getting a Subscription link allows you to send it to recipients in any message, even outside of PoliteMail or on messaging platforms such as Teams or Slack.

  1. Go to PoliteMail > Account (Settings in v4.9) > Subscriptions.
  2. You’ll see radio button options for Opt-Out and Subscription (in v4.9, this is a drop-down), and click the 'Subscription' button.
  3. Click 'Get Subscription URL' and a custom URL will display.  This is the link that should default in your Opt-In / Opt-Out footer, but you can always update it.
    • You can also place this URL in any other message you wish, even without the footer or outside of PoliteMail.
  4. Click Save when finished.

When a user clicks the link, they will see a window that displays all Mailing Lists marked as Subscription-eligible.  They can check any lists they wish, enter their email address, and click 'Save'.