My message keeps going to the Drafts folder

If you are having problems sending an email tracked, where after you click Send the message goes into the Drafts folder, the PoliteMail send process has failed.

The Drafts folder is located in the Folder Pane on the left hand side of Outlook. Click the triangle at the top of the pane to expand the menu if it is hidden.

  1. Delete all versions of your email from the Drafts folder (save a copy for yourself). 
  2. Clear your cache.
  3. Now that your cache has been cleared, reauthenticate your server. Go to PoliteMail > Server Connection. Verify that you are logged in to the correct PoliteMail Server. 
    • Verify that Send Email Via is set to PoliteMail Server, not Outlook Outbox. Click OK. You may be asked to verify your user name and password if applicable. 
    • You know you have successfully connected to the PoliteMail server when it brings you to the My Profile page.  If you have not been brought back to the Profile page, then you are having issues with the PoliteMail login.
  4. If you've been brought back to My Profile, try sending it again. 
    • If it goes back into the Drafts folder, it has failed going to the PoliteMail Server. There are three potential reasons for this, which are outlined in this article.  You may need to repair your Outlook data file.
  5. If you've been brought back to My Profile, then you know that PoliteMail Server is working correctly. Try sending it again. If it goes back into the Drafts folder, move on to the next steps.  

Message Still Going to Drafts

1. Invalid (non-smtp) email address used in the list, or unable to resolve the list in the To: field

Ensure that the list you are sending to is composed of SMTP ( email addresses, not Exchange addresses (EXCHSVR/name). Ensure the list name looks like [+] Listname; when it is in the To: field, then click the [+] to see the members of the list. If you see any non-smtp addresses, these must be removed or edited before the email can be successfully sent. If the list name is not underlined, then it has not validated.

2. Sending from an alternate email address which does not have permission to send email from your personal Outbox (or write to the Sent items folder).

Solution: If you are sending from an alternate email address (e.g. instead of your personal email address, that address may not have sufficient permissions to write to your personal Outlook folders. You must have an Administrator on your account give permissions for you to send from other inboxes. 

3. Corrupt PST file resulting in an error when trying to resolve the email addresses

Solution: An Outlook PST/OST data file can get corrupted in a number of ways, the primary one being losing power or crashing the computer while Outlook is running. While internally Outlook has some error handling mechanisms, these are not available to 3rd party tools, therefore, the PST/OST files must be repaired for PoliteMail to work. Microsoft provides a tool for this, and the instructions are provided here.

If these solutions do not work, please submit a case to Support by clicking the Request Support button.