WebView2 (Chromium)

Applies To: PoliteMail Desktop  □ PoliteMail Online □ PoliteMail O365

Did you know that when you view an html-formatted message in Outlook (which most are since html supports rich and dynamic content), you’re actually viewing in Internet Explorer – even though you probably don’t have IE (at least as far as you know), and Microsoft officially no longer supports it?  It’s true!  Even if you use Edge, Firefox or Chrome for browsing, the IE11 component is always used inside of Outlook.

This is a problem, because IE is… not great.  Microsoft deprecated it for a reason.  It’s old and slow, and as a result slows down PoliteMail.  In PoliteMail, our Reports are actually HTML pages, and so, when loading with IE 11 in Outlook, have become terribly slow.  The old Internet Explorer browser – Outlook’s default - just can’t keep with the dynamic data loading PoliteMail is doing to display the analytics.

PoliteMail version 5.05 and higher is powered by WebView2 (Chromium-based), which is faster and supports more modern languages and developer tools!  

PoliteMail under WebView2 should be visually identical and have no visible differences for the end user.  WebView2 is automatically installed with all versions of PoliteMail for Outlook client 5.05 and greater, and the default setting is On.

WebView2 can be enabled under the Settings at Settings: Options > Use Chromium-based browser.   


  • PoliteMail users must have PoliteMail for Outlook v5.05 or greater to have WebView2 installed.
  • Folders vs popups. Microsoft disabled WebView in Outlook by default for security purposes.  As a result, folder home pages no longer appear and the Home Page feature is missing in Outlook folder properties.  PoliteMail can be configured to use a pop-up instead of rendering in-window when clicking on folder using one of these workarounds.