PoliteMail User Roles

Applies To:    PoliteMail Desktop      PoliteMail Online     PoliteMail O365

Version:  4.9    5.0    5.1+

User Type defines the level of access and sharing the user has within the system. There are four types:

SysAdminAdmin ManagerUser
UsersAllAllRegion/BusinessSelf only
ListsAllAllRegion/BusinessSelf only (unless shared)
ContentAllAllRegion/BusinessSelf only (unless shared)
ReportsAnyAnyRegion/BusinessSelf only (unless shared)
Private ContentYesYesSelf onlySelf only
Unassigned ContentAllAllAllAll
SettingsAllExpandedUser Prefs onlyUser Prefs only


  • Most primary administrators of PoliteMail should be Admins and not SysAdmins; System Administrators have access to ALL settings, including those that can potentially break PoliteMail unless the SysAdmin knows what they're doing!
  • By default, PoliteMail users must share any content or lists they create if they want them to be accessible to any other users.  To create an "open sharing" account, it is recommended to set all users to Admins.
  • Admins and SysAdmins have full control over sharing settings and can assign content to any users or Groups, while Managers have control only over content, reports, and users within their Group(s).
  • Content marked as Unassigned is accessible to all Users.
  • By default, any content a User creates will be automatically assigned to the Group they belong to. This means that any Manager level user assigned to that Group will be able to see the content, even if its not shared (User will have to share the content for other Users in the Group to see it). If the User does not have a Group assignment, the content will be labelled Unassigned.