What exactly happens when a message is deleted, and can I get it back?

When sent messages or people are manually deleted, the data for the message (from/to/message info) or person is marked as deleted right away, so will no longer show up in displays or searches. With the archive services running (which can be configured to be off, but are usually on) the data will be removed from the database within 24hrs max. The backups will cycle out after 2 weeks. 

To recover data that is accidentally deleted, PoliteMail admins would have to do a point in time rollback from backups (or to last backup date for older VM servers). 

  • Anything deleted which is older than a 2-week time cannot be restored. 
  • Please note that a restoration back to a backup will remove all interaction data, people, and content created between the backup date/time and the recovery – so expect some new data to be lost in order to recover the old