Are there any PageWorthy sample templates?

Version:  4.9    5.0    5.1+

Applies To:   PoliteMail Desktop    PoliteMail Online   □ PoliteMail O365

PoliteMail's PageWorthy service creates custom, mobile-responsive templates and provides email production support services for our users. For customers who may need more specialized templates not easily created with the PoliteMail Builder, Pageworthy is a viable alternative.

Opening the PoliteMail Builder, you will see three templates created with PageWorthy. Go to Menu > Templates (in Version 4.9x, click on the Pages tab) and enter "PageWorthy" in the search bar to see them in a list.

These templates represent different design styles from PageWorthy. Templates can be styled from your corporate branding and can be displayed on any device. PageWorthy takes the hassle out of HTML coding for Outlook, which can be tedious and difficult on this platform.

These templates are free to use and can be modified. Double-click on any of them to add it to a New Email. The template will adhere to the Brand Theme you have assigned.

Once the template has been loaded, you may substitute your own images and text. Just be aware that images must be resized before they can be added to the template. You will see the dimensions displayed on each image in the template example.

If you choose to modify the template, please use the duplicate command to add sections, and the delete command (minus button) to remove them. Adding new template sections from the PoliteMail Builder could cause the structure of the template to break and lose mobile-responsiveness, since these template examples were built using HTML code, not the PoliteMail Builder.

Please contact your Account Representative if you are interested in learning more about Pageworthy.