What are the image sizes used in PoliteMail Templates?

Image and Banner Dimensions

A PDF reference of images sizes may be found here.

PoliteMail templates are designed using a simple grid system. The max page width is set to 640pixels, which enables the page to be printed on a standard printer, and copied into Microsoft Word for editing (with page margins reset to 0).

When using PoliteMail > Add Image command, PoliteMail will ask if you want it to auto-size the image for you. If you answer Yes, PoliteMail will keep the proper aspect ratio (width/height) and auto-size the image to fit based upon the width dimension. If you'd like to keep your images to the exact dimensions of the image placeholder, it's recommended to resize the images to the specific height and width before adding them to the template.

To create a image banner for use with PoliteMail templates, set your image to be 640 pixels wide.

PoliteMail templates are broken into page sections, with 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 column options. PoliteMail uses a default padding width of 20px (if you want to modify this, you will have to edit the HTML code).

Use the following grid layout to determine standard PoliteMail image sizes and pixel dimensions.