Displaying the Number of Attendees

When entering in the attendee's names, by default, PoliteMail will expand any distribution under 50 and display the first 50 attendees by name. Recipient counts above 50 will show list names only. If you are adding a large amount of attendees and you don't want to see all the names displayed, you can change this default setting. 

If you are an Admin user and an On-Premise client, go to PoliteMail Management Console > Advanced and change the Recipient Display Limit App key. Giving it a larger number will display the list name only. Giving it a smaller number (like zero) will display all the attendees' names.

For Cloud customers, please use Request Support and ask a Server Technician to change this setting.

Embedded Images

There is a bug when the user has the Embed All Images option turned on in Preferences. Appointment Tracked items will embed the image which means the size of the message will increase. The recipient will still see the referenced image.