Where can I find release notes for version 5.05 of PoliteMail?

Release Notes

The following fixes and enhancements are included in version 5.05!  As the first update since Version 5, many areas have been refined and bugs quashed.

Release: 5.05.3138.5418    Highlighted items have been implemented since the last build release (5.05.3118.5694).


  • Save a Message as a draft!  Anyone can view a saved message, similar to a shared mailbox. For PoliteMail for the Desktop, the ‘Save As’ button in the PoliteMail Builder gives you the option of saving the message as a Draft or as a Template.
  • A ‘Download’ button has been added to the Metrics Report, which allows you to view sent Messages. This is similar to a pre-flight test, but after the item has been sent.
  • Senders can now compare multiple Metrics Reports together in a side-by-side comparison!
  • For people with multiple PoliteMail servers, you can now select your server from a list, rather than having to type the server name in every time.
  • OAuth is now supported for Secure Smart Attachments and Images. If logged in, Secured Smart Attachments or Images will appear as if they are embedded instead of referenced.
  • PoliteMail is now powered by WebView2 (Chromium-based), which is faster and supports more modern languages and developer tools! By default, the browser in Outlook is powered by Internet Explorer (IE), even though IE itself is no longer supported by Microsoft. This can create a performance bottleneck with the resources that PoliteMail requires.
  • Added support for true SSO (without auth prompt) using linked accounts in Windows.
  • M365 Windows Auth support has been added.

Tools with solid fillFixes


  • Fixed an issue where EWS expansion was disabled when upgrading to version 5.0.
  • Fixed an issue where text alignment as well as identification of a Template Section via Jodit Editor was not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Color Picker in Jodit Editor on Mac via Safari that did not allow hex edits.
  • Fixed an issue where Measured Messages with an expanded distribution list containing a disabled mailbox could not be sent.
  • Fixed an issue where First Name and Last Name get overwritten when importing existing contacts via CSV in Mailing Lists page.
  • Fixed an issue where password complexity requirements were not being enforced when an Administrator reset a user’s password.
  • Updated several links that were pointing to the old Knowledge Base.
  • Fixed an issue where digitally signed messages were not displaying images on Android or iOS devices.
  • Fixed an issue where updating user settings changed the authentication from Windows Auth to Password Auth.
  • Fixed an issue when an error occurred when the Clicks filter drop-down was used.
  • Fixed an issue where users would be stuck on the loading screen when redirected to the login page. 
  • Updated the Help link to direct to the new Knowledge Base.
  •  DESKTOP  Fixed an issue where opening an appointment or meeting from a shared calendar with read only access would cause Outlook to crash.
  • DESKTOP  Fixed an issue with inconsistent width when importing mailing lists.  
  • DESKTOP Fixed an issue where .json attachments show up in meeting invitations. 
  • ONLINE  Fixed an issue where an Opt Out link was inserted when Subscriptions were enabled.  
  •  M365  Fixed an issue where the installation manifest did not have the hostname updated.


  • Fixed an issue where Segment List Metrics reports would not export to Excel or Word.
  • Fixed an issue where Engagement Rates were hard coded to 0% in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue where some API calls were taking excessively long to execute.
  • Fixed an issue where an error was encountered when refreshing all metrics.
  • Fixed an issue where the Archive Service was not updating prior metrics reports.
  • Fixed an issue where assigned messages in a Campaign were not being exported.
  • Resolved an error message saying there was a problem with some content when export Account Metrics to Excel.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking Compare on Campaign > Messages grid throws an exception.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect Recipient and Sent counts were reflected for Nested Distribution Groups.
  • DESKTOP Fixed an issue where reports were taking excessively long to display.
  • DESKTOP Fixed an issue where black lines appear on Metrics reports in dark mode.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where Recipient Count and Sent Count was miscalculated when the same list is added to the “To” and “CC” fields. 
  • M365 Fixed an issue where links within a PoliteMail signature or with the PoliteMail hostname were not being measured.

Composition & Sending

  • Fixed an issue where some messages created from a Template were loading with two JSON file attachments.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was prompted to resize an image being inserted into a Template even when the image is the same size as the Template placeholder.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent template spacing between a PC and Mac.
  • Fixed an issue where adding some images failed if the Embed Images setting was set to True.
  • Fixed an issue where resizing large images failed.
  • Fixed an issue where some content items were being added at the start of the message instead of at the cursor location.
  • Fixed an issue where custom preheaders where not being retained when using Preflight Test Sends.  
  • Fixed an issue where an invalid email for the Return Path caused Undeliverables.
  • Fixed an issue where Feedback went to the top of the message instead of the cursor position.
  • Fixed an issue where sending a new Message to Recipients in Email Metrics did not send to everyone selected.
  • Fixed an issue where Engaged Individuals did not match Contact Engaged Reads.
  • DESKTOP Fixed an issue where adding Social Media icons resulted in an error.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where additional padding and spacing was displaying with a Preflight Test Send.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where resized placeholder images in Template Sections caused failed sending and failed Preflight Test Sends.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where text wrapping around an image in a Template was not being applied to a composed Message.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where leading zeros were being stripped from hex colors in a Brand Theme.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where both EWS and Graph used together would fail with list expansion but worked when used separately.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where buttons were not being added to messages when using PoliteMail Online.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where Smart Attachments were not importing non-image file types via the PoliteMail Builder. 
  • ONLINE Corrected the Resize Image prompt for replacing images in Template Sections.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where received messages showed a different font.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where Drafts saved via PoliteMail 365 are going to Scheduled Sends when sent via PoliteMail Online.
  • M365 Fixed an issue where the “From” field is incorrectly displayed when using Send on Behalf.

Editor / Interface

  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where you could not see your text changes on long messages with the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where some toolbar actions caused an error to be displayed.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where aligning selected text aligned the entire block.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue were selecting Remove Selected Section after removing existing Template Sections lead to an error page.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where the 'New Email' button becomes hidden under the PoliteMail Banner when scrolling.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where the selected font was not highlighted in the font toolbar.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where users were unable to change the From field when permissions were set to ‘None’.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue where the 'Link Colors' section was missing with Brand Themes.
  • ONLINE Fixed an issue wherle font formatting settings were not being retained for Saved Paragraphs. 
  • M365 Fixed an issue where some buttons in the PoliteMail Builder were not rendering correctly.
  • M365 Improved the visibility of transparent images when using PoliteMail Builder in M365.
  • M365 Fixed an issue where Template Sections could not be moved up or down in the PoliteMail Builder.

Known Issues

Beetle with solid fillThe following issues are outstanding and are currently being worked on and tested for a future release.

  • Sent appointments are currently in a .msg format instead of iCal.
  • An incorrect Sent count shows for messages sent to Distribution Lists with hidden members using Aggregate Measurement.
  • When sending an individually measured message (with O365 Measurement) to a distribution group, the mobile opens are inflated and reflected incorrectly in the opens & clicks graph.
  • ONLINE Highlighting content at the bottom of an email inadvertently covers the lower toolbar.
  • ONLINE Font color and family changes from default settings / Brand Theme when all the content is removed to start a new message.
  • ONLINE M365 When typing a link manually into an email, the message is either not able to be sent (PoliteMail 365) or the links are not converted to PoliteMail links when sent/received.
  • DESKTOP A Script Error displays when selecting multiple records in Messages and Campaigns Grids.
  • DESKTOP Secure Smart Attachments are opening in the current window instead of a new one.
  • DESKTOP ONLINE When a link is added without typing “http” or “https”, the link is not being measured. If http or https is used, the link is appropriately measured.
  • M365 Transparent images are not reflected correctly in the PoliteMail Builder.
  • M365 Templates created on a Mac are not displaying consistently when viewed in Outlook for the Desktop.