My Message doesn't look right on a mobile device!

Mobile Responsiveness

PoliteMail templates use responsive design to adjust the layout to look great on any device. However, not every device handles responsive code the same way, which can make your Message or Template look a little different on mobile than in a web browser.

Multi-Column Templates

Each time a multi-column message is viewed on a mobile device, the content blocks will typically be rearranged to appear in single column format to keep the message readable (otherwise, the content appears too small).  This means that if you choose a template from the Builder with side-by-side sections, one will appear stacked on top of the other.

If you know you have a significant number of recipients who will view your message on a mobile device, use a single-column template.

Large Images

Large images in a text block may stretch your layout when viewed on mobile. To keep text readable, responsive templates are designed to constrain images that are in certain sections.  To prevent this, you will need to place those images in their own line.

Other Considerations

  • There are differences in the way Outlook renders HTML from version to version. If you are using Outlook 2013, for example, any full-width template pieces used will appear to blow out beyond our standard email template width. This is because Outlook 2013 overrides a fixed container width with the image width inside that container.  The PoliteMail Builder has been designed to account for this, but as a result any email created in Outlook 2013 that uses a full-width image template piece will not be responsive on mobile.
  • PoliteMail uses media queries to find out the capability of a device and optimizes the message accordingly.  However, some older smartphones do not support media queries.  
  • Before sending any message to mobile recipients, make sure you do a Preflight Test Send and view it on a mobile device if at all possible, to see how it looks for yourself.  Keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of screen configurations, so it is inevitable that a message that looks fine on one screen might not on another.

Still want it perfect?  PoliteMail offers a custom template creation service called PageWorthy that can be tailored to your specific needs.