Will PoliteMail work with my version of Outlook?

The short answer is, yes!  There are a dizzying, and confusing, number of versions of Outlook, so here we'll break it down a bit.

Regardless of your version of Outlook, PoliteMail Online is fully functional, with a familiar interface, and always available to all users with a modern browser, regardless of OS.

If Outlook is Installed on your Desktop

Was Outlook physically installed on your computer as an application?

  • If so, and it was installed via Microsoft 365, you probably have Outlook 365 for Windows/Mac.
  • If so, and it was installed as a standalone application, you probably have Outlook 20xx for Windows/Mac.

PoliteMail Solution

  • For Windows: you can use PoliteMail within Outlook with our fully featured COM-based Add-In.
  • For the Mac: you can use PoliteMail 365 to access most features, with a built-in button to switch to PoliteMail Online when needed.

If Outlook is Accessed Online

  • If you access Outlook via Microsoft 365 (outlook.com), you probably have Outlook Online.
  • If you access Outlook via your own Exchange Server at work, you probably have the Outlook Web App.

PoliteMail Solution

When online, PoliteMail 365 is available via an Outlook Add-In.   A built-in button allows for fast toggling between PM 365 and PoliteMail Online to access all functionality.

Refer to this article for the differences between COM Add-Ins and Office Add-Ins.

The PoliteMail Outlook Add-In can be deployed via Manifest or Microsoft Intune.  Contact us for other deployment options.