Setting PoliteMail Preferences

Applies To:   PoliteMail Desktop    PoliteMail Online   □ PoliteMail O365

Version:  4.9    5.0    5.1+

Version 5.0+ Feature

With 5.0, Admins can set Global Preferences and lock them. A global preference will be applied to every user on the account. For example, if the Admin sets List Expansion to Graph, and sets it as a Global Setting, all users will see Graph already selected as the default in their User Preferences.

Locking a preference will prevent users from changing it. For example, the Admin locks the Graph setting for list expansion. Now users will not be able to change the setting.

Accessing Settings

Version 5.0: Go to Account > Settings > User Preferences.

Version 4.9x: Go to PoliteMail > Account Settings > Preferences.

5.0 User Preferences Overview

The User Preference listed are shown as displayed in Version 5.0. To see a list of settings in Version 4.9, click here.


PreferenceGlobal/LockedDescriptionRecommended Setting
Group Member DisplayYesIn PoliteMail Online, this sets the maximum number of recipients that will display in the To: field.Default value is 1000.  The setting is more for clarity when viewing and does not impact performance.


PreferenceGlobal/LockedDescriptionRecommended Setting
Default CampaignYesAutomatically assigns all measured messages to this campaign. May be overridden by user unless locked.Use as the default if one campaign is used very often.
Default TemplateYesLoads the current template when a new template is created with the PoliteMail Builder.Use as the default if one template is used very often.
Embed ImagesYesEmbeds images into messages. Loads images with no connection but increases email size.Keep this turned off for faster and smaller emails.
Enable SubscriptionYesWrites a CAN-SPAM compliant footer into every new measured email message.Use if required to add a footer to emails.
Override Word CountYesAllows you to manually insert the number of words in a message, and bases metrics off this word count. If on, the overwrite word count prompt will appear every time before the message is sent.Turn on when emails are written in multiple languages.

List Handling

PreferenceGlobal/LockedDescriptionRecommended Setting
Use Expansion CacheYesCache distribution lists, making them expand faster on subsequent openings.Turn on for faster data retrieval.
Clear EWS CacheYesRemove all entries from EWS cache. The cache is used to store list membership for 24 hours, without having to expand the list using Exchange Web Services.Clear the cache for better performance.
List Expansion Methods EnabledYesSets the methods for expanding distribution lists.Set by System Admin based on requirements.

Individual Settings

PreferenceGlobal/LockedDescriptionRecommended Setting
Forget Client CredentialsNoClears stored credentials for the next user.Clear this for better performance and security.
Re-establish List WarningsNoRe-enables previously suppressed warning dialogs for invalid list operations.Keep on to be warned of failed or error operations.

Reset All Table Views

(new in v5.0)

NoRestores column configurations and removes all filters.User preference.
Monitor Multiple Inboxes for Undeliverables and Auto-RepliesNoIf more than one inbox is used, click the Scan Inboxes button and select the inbox folders PoliteMail will monitor for auto-replies.Recommended if more than one inbox is utilized.


PreferenceGlobal/LockedDescriptionRecommended Setting

Delete any preflight messages older than...

(new in v5.0)

YesAutomatically deletes preflight test messages after the specified duration.Preflights count in the final measurement reports and can create inaccurate data if many are sent. Turn on for the most accurate data.
Use EdgeYesOpens Edge broswer instead of Internet Explorer for pop-up windows.Turn off if Internet Explorer is used as the default browser.


PreferenceGlobal/LockedDescriptionRecommended Setting

Allowed from address required

(new in v5.0)

YesIf the company requires approved senders for emails, the user receives a notification and a PoliteMail admin can approve the sending address.Set by admin based on sending requirements.
Remind me to enable PoliteMail meas. when sending to lists with members >YesDisplays a warning with messages without measurement if the recipient count is greater than the specified number.Recommended to prevent messages being sent with no measurement.
Measurement DefaultYesSets the default measurement mode. Can be changed by user unless locked.Set to most commonly used measurement method.
Email me when large broadcasts complete and on the interval specifiedYesSelect how often to be notified on the progress of large sends.Turn on to monitor large sends.

4.9 User Preferences

Go to PoliteMail > Account Settings > Preferences. Please keep in mind that PoliteMail Preferences are user specific, and must be adjusted by each user before using PoliteMail.

Adjust as needed. PoliteMail recommends the following settings:

  • Tracking Default: Set to the one you'll be using the most. If the Administrator has removed a tracking option, it will not appear here.
  • Enable Opt-Out (Subscription in v. 4.9+): Uncheck this. You have the option to set specific DLs to have opt-out options in the sending mail settings.
  • Use Exchange Web Services to expand distribution lists: Check this for fast data retrieval. If you are using PoliteMail v. 4.954+ you have the option to enable Fallback Expansion. Click all the options used to expand distribution lists.
  • Use Exchange Web Service Cache Files or Allow PoliteMail to cache distribution files?:  Check this for Fast Expand. PoliteMail will hold cached data for 24 hours, resulting in faster data retrieval.
  • Use EWS Server if applicable.
  • Re-establish List Warnings: In later versions of PoliteMail you have the option to disable list warnings. PoliteMail will send list warnings if it can't expand a distribution list, or if there are discrepancies with contacts.
  • Embed Images with Message: Keep this unchecked, otherwise, attachments will increase your email size. Use PoliteMail's Add Image instead.
  • Hide PoliteMail Panel: Keep unchecked for easy access to the PoliteMail Panel.
  • Override Word Count Keep this unchecked unless you are planning to compose emails in more than one language. 
  • Set a Default Template: This optional feature will allow you to make one of your templates the default. When the user creates a new template with the PoliteMail Builder, the default template will be loaded. The Default Template will be denoted with a green box in the PoliteMail Builder.
  • Assign to Default Campaign: If you have all your emails going to a specific campaign, it may be helpful to check this box. However, if you are planning on sending many different types of PoliteMail emails, keep it blank. You can always assign specific emails to a campaign in the PoliteMail New Mail settings.
  • Prevent Unintentional Sends: This is very helpful in making sure you don't accidentally send an email without tracking on. By checking this and setting the recipient count parameter, PoliteMail will automatically scan your outgoing PoliteMail messages and ask you if you want to put tracking on if the recipient count is greater than the parameters you have set.
  • Automatic Undeliverable Contact Deletion: Check this if you want contacts removed after a specified number of bounces.
  • Using More Than One Inbox? (Monitor Other Inboxes) By default, PoliteMail will monitor your primary Outlook inbox folder for any replies, out-of-office messages and undeliverables related to tracked sends.  If you are managing or sending from multiple mailboxes, you have the ability to let PoliteMail know to monitor those inboxes for incoming messages.  Scroll down to Using More Than One Inbox? > Add.  Select the secondary Inbox folder > OK

Note: This procedure will also work for those who have set-up Outlook rules to automatically move messages from the Inbox into designated folders. You can set your designated folder as one PoliteMail should monitor (instead of the Inbox).

If you have existing undeliverables you want tracked from those folders, select that secondary Inbox folder within Outlook, and use the PoliteMail > Process Undeliverables option to start the process.

After a bit of processing time, those messages should be removed from the inbox, tracked by PoliteMail, and moved to the PoliteMail Undeliverables folder.