How do I add Content to a Template?

Adding Content to a Template

Next to the Template Sections under the Content tab are your saved Images, Links, Paragraphs, Smart Attachments, and Buttons. For an example, let’s work with Images. Clicking on the Images button will bring you to your saved Images. Hovering the cursor over images will display its name, size, and which user created it. As a best practice, you should resize your image before adding it to a template. To add an Image to your library, click on the Add Image icon.

To add an image to your template, drag it from the Content tab to the image placeholder in the template. If it has not been resized to the specified dimensions, the PoliteMail software will attempt to resize it automatically, but it can disrupt the table structure of the template. A second method is to click on the placeholder in the template to select it. Then, double-click on the image you wish to put into the template.

The same procedure works for Smart Attachments, Links, Paragraphs, or Buttons. Any new content can be added by going to the PoliteMail tab and choosing the Add Smart Attachment, Add Link, or Add Paragraph icon under the Search bar. Click where you want to add content in the template, and then double-click on the content itself from the PoliteMail Builder. You can also drag it from the Content tab to the template where your cursor is.