List Operations

PoliteMail provides you with several tools to organize your lists. Please be advised that these only apply to PoliteMail lists.

  1. Click Lists > Mailing Lists from the PoliteMail toolbar.
  2. Select/check the list name(s) you want to work with.
  3. Use Actions and select any of the following list operation options:
    • Combine: Merge multiple lists into one list.
    • Split: Break a list into several smaller lists.
    • Select In-Common: Create a new list of only the contacts who are on all selected lists.
    • Select Un-Common: Create a new list of only the contacts on one of the selected lists.
    • Subtract: Create a new list by removing the contacts on one list from another list.
    • Bulk Update: Choose which custom field you want to update for all contacts on all selected lists.