Recommended Subject Lines and Ai/B Test

Version:  4.9    5.0    5.1+

Version: □ 4.94   □ 4.97   5.x

Recommended Subject Lines and Ai/B Test

In PoliteMail 5.0 and later, you will see a new Ai/B feature under the PoliteMail Builder. Here you can get recommendations from our Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to improve your current email subject line. The AI model can also compare two subject lines and predict which option will likely result in more opens.

Recommended Subject Lines

In the PoliteMail Builder, open the menu and select the Ai/B section.

Type in a subject line and hit enter.

The AI model will recommend some alternative subject lines that will draw more attention. The recommended subject lines are listed in ranked order, with the top subject line considered the best. To replace your current subject line, double click on one of the recommended subject lines.

The content of your message will be used to generate subject alternatives as well. It may be useful to write out the body of your email message before using the Ai/B feature to get more relevant suggestions.

You’ll see a message if there are no better alternative subject lines.

Ai/B Test for Subject Lines

You can now compare two subject lines with PoliteMail’s predictive AI model. Under Ai/B Test, type in the two subject lines that you want to test. Click Compare. PoliteMail will calculate which subject line option will receive more attention, and therefore, be more likely to be opened.

If you are satisfied with your subject line, click on the “A” or “B” labels to insert the subject line into the email subject. You can also copy and paste into the email subject.