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Do we get 5.0 with our existing contract or do we have to pay/sign a new agreement to use it?
PoliteMail version 5.0 is a free upgrade. You do not need to sign any new agreements and an Admin can request an upgrade at any time.
Will older email reports migrate to 5.0?
How do I get PoliteMail Online and PoliteMail365?
PoliteMail Online (PMO) Check with your PoliteMail Administrator to make sure your organization has been set up for PoliteMail Online.  Not every company has it, especially if you are self-hosting your own instance of PoliteMail.   P...
Are there trainings or tutorials available for version 5.0?
Yes. All upgrading and new customers will be invited to Flight School, an online, interactive training that will teach you all the new features in 5.0. Our knowledge base is also constantly updated, and we will have an e-learning course available in...
Are all of the 5.0 features available for on-premise clients? Would PoliteMail online work if the PoliteMail server is on-prem?
Yes, the upgrade is available for both Cloud and on-premise customers. We have some more configuration options available with 5.0, which can be discussed during your scope call.
What will the overall upgrade process look like?
Once your Admin requests an upgrade, a Customer Success Manager will reach out to you to schedule a scope call. During this scope call, we will discuss your upgrade options and how best to implement version 5.0.  Once the upgrade begins, you c...
Do we still need to do the back-end work preparing our internal distribution lists for use in PoliteMail?
To import your mailing lists into PoliteMail online and PoliteMail365, you would need to make sure all distribution lists are synced up to the Cloud and that you have the Microsoft Graph application fully implemented with all permissions for the Gra...
Is the Online version backwards compatible with the Desktop version?
Yes. You will receive a notification that your desktop application needs to be updated.
Is the Desktop edition updated when PoliteMail online is updated?
It depends. While the desktop version of PoliteMail may not automatically update (depending on your permissions), you will receive a notification to update if you are using an out-of-date version of PoliteMail.
 WebView2 (Chromium)
Did you know that when you view an html-formatted message in Outlook (which most are since html supports rich and dynamic content), you’re actually viewing in Internet Explorer – even though you probably don’t have IE (at least...
Does Syncronym work with PoliteMail online?
Do clicks to links still need to be pulled separately from all the other metrics on a report?
Starting with version 5.0, you are now able to group links by category. You can also export their results either by single messages, or by groups of messages.
Do existing customers have immediate access PoliteMail online upon release?
Does the new upgrade will affect Outlook performance?
Yes!  PoliteMail for Desktop is much faster and more efficient.
Are there more Template options in v5.0 that wrap text?
We have added more template options, but PoliteMail must conform to the limitations of Outlook in order to make the email mobile-responsive.
Can we remove the desktop add in after we upgrade to PoliteMail 5.0?
Yes, you can choose to use PoliteMail entirely online.
Where can I find a list of PoliteMail features by version?
PoliteMail Features by Version Category Feature Description Version System and Security  Single Sign-On Gain automatic PoliteMail user account management based on your company’s own Office365 identity and active ...
Where can I get detailed security information to provide to our Security team for review?
When you schedule your upgrade, you will be receiving updated technical and implementation documentation. If you need this documentation sooner, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
What happens if I don't request an upgrade to 5.0?
There will be a time when PoliteMail will not be able to support anything under version 5.0. We will contact you well before this time expires to schedule an upgrade.  Some of the security, employee privacy, and authentications will be out of ...
What's new in PoliteMail Version 5?
A lot!  Here's a summary of features. Unified Interface New modern Office interface, same feature set, little to no learning curve. Faster load times and more efficient content editing. PoliteMail 365 Modern Office365 add...
What is Flight School?
Flight School Flight School is a great new way to receive training on the basics of PoliteMail so that you can make the most of what PoliteMail offers.  It's online, available at any time, and works on any device! Enrollment When you up...
What are the system requirements for PoliteMail?
General IT Requirements Requirement Cloud Service Self-Hosted / On Premises Windows IIS Servers VM ✔ † Connect to SQL Server ✔ † Branded hostname with public authority ✔ † Dedicated SMTP IP ✔ †...
Where can I find hardware requirements for a BYOC implementation based on number of employees?
Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) In PoliteMail 5.0, you can deploy a “bring your own cloud” infrastructure using Microsoft Azure (AWS application servers with a SQL instance will also work). Compared to traditional on-premises deployment, BY...
What are the system requirements for On-Premises installations of PoliteMail?
PoliteMail processes brief bursts of small, high-volume transactions.  The server sizing is primarily based on distribution size, and volume of recipient email being processed and measured.  A high-performance SQL Server environment is r...
Where can I find the latest release notes for PoliteMail? Updated
Release Notes Version 5.15 of PoliteMail is now released! Release: 5.15.4288.6876    Fixes prior to this build are listed at towards bottom of this article. Updates With This Release Enhancements Message expiration !  You...
Does Outlook for the desktop really still use Internet Explorer?
Oddly enough, yes.  Even if you use Edge, Firefox or Chrome for browsing, the IE11 component is always used inside of Outlook, even though the standalone version of Internet Explorer has been deprecated by Microsoft and you don't think yo...
What is involved in upgrading from one version of PoliteMail to another?
We recommend using the most recent version of PoliteMail whenever possible.  Like any application, PoliteMail gets regular feature updates and enhancements, as well as fixes to the software as hardware and standards constantly change.   T...
How do I install a modern Add-in using a URL?
In the interest of security, Microsoft no longer supports installing an add-in directly from a URL, but only from a downloaded file.  To do this: Go to https://aka.ms/olksideload to open the Add-Ins for Outlook dialog. Select 'My add-...
Why have my email metrics and Open Rates dropped since my upgrade? New
PoliteMail customers who had been running PoliteMail 4.7x – 4.9x and who had not upgraded PoliteMail versions until recently (2024, version 5.x+) will likely notice a drop in metrics. If you have not upgraded your instance of PoliteMail over...
Isn't Outlook for the Desktop being discontinued? New
Although Microsoft does plan to phase out the classic Outlook for the Windows desktop, there are no plans for a full shutdown until at least 2029.  Users will receive advance notice of at least 12 months to opt out of the "new" Outloo...