What are the system requirements for On-Premises installations of PoliteMail?

Applies To: PoliteMail Desktop  □ PoliteMail Online □ PoliteMail O365

Version: □ 4.94   □ 4.97   5.0+

PoliteMail processes brief bursts of small, high-volume transactions.  The server sizing is primarily based on distribution size, and volume of recipient email being processed and measured.  A high-performance SQL Server environment is required for all 30K+ implementations.  Server sizing requirements (RAM, storage) increase with size of distributions. 

Server Configuration Recommendations

Number of EmployeesRecommended Server ConfigurationSQL Server RAM / Storage
5k - 15kSingle App Server 2C 4GB 100GB + SQL Server (or attached to cluster)8GB / 100GB
15k - 30kDual App Servers, NLB 2C 4GB 100GB  + SQL Server (or attached to cluster)16GB / 150GB
30k - 100kDual App Servers, NLB 2C 4GB 100GB  + SQL Server (or attached to cluster)16GB / 250GB
>100kQUAD App Servers NLB 2C 4GB 100GB  + Separate SMTP Server 4C 4GB 250GB
 +Separate Archive Server 2C 4GB 50GB + SQL Server (or attached to cluster)
32GB/ /500GB

SQL Sizing

Application ServerThis is where the application lives and is hosted.  Networking traffic will flow through here.OS Drive: 100GB SSD
CPU: Dual Core
SQL ServerIf opting for a dedicated SQL Server, SQL manages the databases and should have proper maintenance plans that your organization manages.OS Drive: 100GB SSD
Data Drive: 100GB SSD
Log Drive: 100GB SSD
Backup Drive: 200GB HDD
CPU and RAM covered per unique recipient count above.
SMTP ServerThis optional system will house IIS6 SMTP for mailflow, as well as the PoliteMail services.OS Drive: 100GB SSD
Mailflow Drive: 100GB SSD; size should be determined by the maximum size of your messages times the total possible number of recipients.
CPU: Dual Core
CombiningIn the case of mixing systems onto a single server, such as APP/SMTP or APP/SMTP/SQL, the drive specs must be followed. Hardware specs for SMTP may be ignored.
Additional 4GB RAM if merging SQL into an application instance.