Exactly what information is collected and stored by PoliteMail?

Data Collection and Storage by PoliteMail

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The data collected and stored by PoliteMail varies depending on the measurement mode used to send a measured message.  The table below provides a summary.

Required fields are processed and stored as a result of PoliteMail sending with standard application permissions and archive services enabled.

PoliteMail User/Sender Data

User Email AddressYesYesUser AuthenticationAES256
User RoleYesYesData AccessAES256
User PasswordOptionalYes (Not with SSO)User AuthenticationSHA256
User TitleOptional
User IdentityAES256
User AddressOptional
User notificationsAES256
User PhoneOptional
User notificationsAES256
User GroupOptional
User Identity, user segmentationAES256
User RegionOptional
User Identity, user segmentationAES256

Mailing List & Recipient Data

Recipient Email AddressYesYesEmail addressing, list membership, subscription management,
reporting segmentation
Recipient Name (Display Name)YesYesEmail addressing/personalization, list membershipAES256
Recipient Time ZoneYesYesAD working hours for scheduled sendsAES256
Recipient Default LanguageYesYes*Browser Setting translationAES256
Recipient Working HoursYesYesIncludes working days and start/stop timesAES256
Mailbox TypeYesYesGathered by default with MS Graph but not usedAES256
List management, reporting segmentationAES256
List management, reporting segmentationAES256
List management, reporting segmentationAES256
List management, reporting segmentationAES256
List management, reporting segmentationAES256
Other HR Attributes If/As Required by CustomerOptional
List management, reporting segmentationAES256

Message Data

Email MessageYesOptional and temporary (as draft or scheduled send)Composing and sending email messageAES256
Sent Time/DateYes

Required temporarily for send processing and scheduled sends

Optional when PoliteMail Online Sent Items folder is enabled, or when users elect to use the “save as draft” functionality

Reporting & analysisSHA256
Time ZoneYesYesList management, reporting segmentationAES256
To:YesYesReporting & analysisSHA256
From:YesYesReporting & analysisAES256
Subject:YesYesReporting & analysisAES256
URL’sYesYesClick reportingAES256
Word CountYesYesReportingAES256
Image CountYesYesReportingAES256
Image Sizes (Pixel Dimensions)YesYesReportingAES256

Email Interaction Data

Device OSYesYesReporting AnalyticsAES256
Browser VerYesYesReporting AnalyticsAES256
Date & TimeYesYesReporting AnalyticsAES256
Message IDYesYesReporting AnalyticsSHA256
Recipient IDOptional individual or anonymizedYesReporting AnalyticsAES256
User AgentYesPartialReporting AnalyticsAES256
IPYesOptional via proxyReporting AnalyticsAES256
GeolocationYesYesIP reverse lookup to ascertain region (state/province)SHA256
URL ClickedYesYesReporting AnalyticsAES256
Link IDYes (Reverse IP lookup) to state/province levelYesReporting AnalyticsAES256
View TimeYesYesReporting AnalyticsAES256

Data by Measurement Mode

Data Collected / StoredIndividual ModeAnonymous ModeAggregate Mode
Sender Email
Distribution List Name
Nested DL / Subgroup

Subject, Date, Time
Recipient Name, EmailAnonymized
Recipient IPGeolocation onlyGeolocation only
Recipient User Agent
Open Date, Time, Device
Read Time (seconds open)
Clicks (link name and url)