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Quick Start Guide for PoliteMail Version 5
Authentication with Okta and SAML2
Authentication with SAML2 and Azure AD
Manifest Installer Packaging
Deploying PoliteMail via Manifest for Outlook 365 Packaging the PoliteMail Client ...
Syncronym Manual
What are the permissions needed for Microsoft Graph?
Permissions for Microsoft Graph The permissions needed vary depending on whether or not you enable SSO and how you want List Expansion to be handled (Client-Side, Server-Side, or both).  Each possible configuration is outlined below: OAUTH (S...
Installing WebView2
Installing WebView2 with PoliteMail Webview2 is supported with PoliteMail version 4.958+  Install WebView2 Runtime Edit Registry on desired client Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Salestream\Config Right Cl...
When configuring Microsoft Graph and SSO, do we need to enable public client flows?
Implicit Grants PoliteMail uses authorization code flow, so Implicit grants or flows can be turned OFF and PoliteMail will function normally.  Implicit flows were historically on by default but have been deprecated by Microsoft because they ...
Where can I find the needed permissions for various list handling methods?
The table below lists all permissions and whether they are Delegated (D) or Application (A) type. The Minimum Required column is needed to support OAUTH (SSO) login to PoliteMail.  Small lists (less than 1000 members) can be expanded via MAPI...