How to Change Smart Attachments – v4.5

To change a Smart Attachment that you sent in a message, follow the steps below.

Upload the new, corrected Smart Attachment. To Upload go to Content>Smart Attachments>New.

Content-Smart Attachments

Delete the Smart Attachment you want to replace by selecting it in your Content Library then clicking on the X.

Delete smart attachment

Go back to the new Smart Attachment and click Edit>Change the name to that of the original Smart Attachment that you just deleted.


The link in the message will now redirect to the new Smart Attachment.

Using Trackable Smart Attachments

The problem with regular file attachments, particularly when sending to lists, is that they slow the send process considerably. Large file attachments, and certain file types, make it more likely your email will get blocked/not delivered by a recipient’s mail server. The PoliteMail Smart Attachment feature overcomes these issues  and enables you to track attachments and know who is opening and/or forwarding your files.

A Smart Attachment will be placed into your email as a link, keeping your email size small and fast. The file is uploaded to the Content Library within your PoliteMail account and served to your recipients.  Like a regular file attachment, your recipient clicks the file name within the email to open it. When your recipient opens the Smart Attachment, PoliteMail is able to track the file open event.

Here’s how to include a Smart Attachmen within an email message or template:

  1. Within Outlook’s email editor, place the cursorwhere you want the file.
  2. Click PoliteMail > Smart Attachment (a PDF file or any Office document lessthan 10MB in size. The Smart Attachment maximum size limit is 10MB) and click Open.
  3. The file will upload and appear in the body of the message as a link. It will be saved automatically in the Content Library within the Attachments folder.
  4. When you recipient clicks the smart attachment link, you will recieve a tracking event that they opened the file