How to Change Smart Attachments – v4.5

To change a Smart Attachment that you sent in a message, follow the steps below.

Upload the new, corrected Smart Attachment. To Upload go to Content>Smart Attachments>New.

Content-Smart Attachments

Delete the Smart Attachment you want to replace by selecting it in your Content Library then clicking on the X.

Delete smart attachment

Go back to the new Smart Attachment and click Edit>Change the name to that of the original Smart Attachment that you just deleted.


The link in the message will now redirect to the new Smart Attachment.

Sharing PoliteMail Templates & Email Content

Sharing PoliteMail Templates & Email Content with other PoliteMail users within your Account.

Share Email templates in Outlook
The concepts of sharing and ownership allow you to control who can see and use the email templates you create.

Understanding Ownership

By default, the user who creates the content is the owner of it. The owner is the only user, other than an admin, who may modify (save over) or delete that item. The owner may reassign ownership to another user, and may elect to share that content with other user (allow other users to view, edit). If is item is assigned to ‘All Users’ then all or any user will be able to view, modify or delete it.

Sharing Content with Other Users

Within a multi-user installation of PoliteMail, you can share email content including templates, graphic images, and file attachments with other users within your account. This data is never shared or otherwise distributed outside of your own PoliteMail account database.

The intent is to improve productivity and support standardization of messaging across your organization, without having to resort a complex content management system or being dependent upon the “hunt through the sent items” method.

Items are not shared by default. Only the user who creates the item will be able to view it within PoliteMail, until that item is specifically shared.

Sharing within Groups (Regions and/or Business Units)

The concepts of Regions and Business Units provide an additional level of control and organization for your content. These tools are available within the PoliteMail Enterprise Server or Cloud Server implementations. An additional user type of Manager also becomes an available option with these versions.

Regions and Business Unit organization limits the scope of the sharing, such that only users within the same region and/or business unit will be able to share templates and content. For example, a user in the Northeast region would be able to share a template with another user in the Northeast region, but would have no access to any templates created by users in the Southwest region. In the same way, a user in the Healthcare business unit would be able to share templates with other users within Healthcare, and would not see templates created by users in the Transportation unit.

By default, if a user belongs to a region or business unit, those settings are applied to any content they create, so once sharing is activated, it remains within that group. If a template needs to be shared with a wider audience, the content ownership may be assigned to a manager or admin user, and when they share it will be across all their available groups.

To assign a region or business unit to a content item (template, image, attachment), start at the PoliteMail menu at the top of the inbox, and click the Create Templates button. This will bring you into the Content Library view. Here, use the Template tab (or other content tab), then single-click an item, and use the Region or Business Unit pull-down lists to assign the group settings.

Note: If a user assigns an item to a group outside of their scope, they will no longer be able to view/modify that item.

Managing the Email Content Library

Creating Messages and Using Email Templates

Managing the Email Content Library

Once you have used PoliteMail for a while, your Content Library may contain old templates, images and files you no longer use or want.  You can always delete an item from within the Content Library panel (next to your email editor) by selecting the item and pressing the Delete key.  When you click the Create Templates button from the PoliteMail menu, the Content Manager window is displayed (also accessible by clicking Manage from within the Content Library panel). From here you can select any content item and delete, replace or modify.