Enabling and Modifying Subscription Lists

Applies To:   PoliteMail Desktop    PoliteMail Online   □ PoliteMail O365

Version:  4.9    5.0    5.05

  • When a recipient chooses to Opt-Out from a message, they will be unsubscribed from all future mailings from your organization.  This applies to all PoliteMail Lists the user is a member of, but not Outlook Distribution Lists.
  • When a recipient chooses to Subscribe, they will be able to select specific PoliteMail lists to subscribe to from lists you enable. Modifying subscription options is only available to Admins.

Step One: Enabling Mailing Lists for Subscription

In order to make your lists available for recipients to subscribe to, you must first enable them. Go to PoliteMail > Lists > Mailing Lists. Select the list you want to enable for subscription to open the editing fields. Click the Subscription box.

  • Version 5:  When you select the list, a panel appears on the right. Click the Subscription box.
  • Version 4.9: When you select the list, click Edit is the far-right column. Under the Subscription column, change No to Yes, and then click Update.
  • Once the box is checked, you will be prompted to select a From Profile and From address at the bottom of the panel.  To comply with email marketing law (the CAN-SPAM Act in the USA), you must provide a clear sender name and reply-to email address.  Select the appropriate username and email address from the drop-downs.


Step Two: Modifying Your Subscription Page

Next, the Subscription needs to be modified.

  1. Go to PoliteMail > Account (Settings in v4.9) > Subscriptions.
  2. You’ll see radio button options for Opt-Out and Subscription (in v4.9, this is a drop-down); make sure Subscription is selected.
  3. Here you can list which subscriber domains are allowed. PoliteMail has security measures in place to ensure only the domains you choose are allowed to subscribe, eliminating SPAM bots that may try and subscribe to your lists.
  4. Click Save when finished, and you can begin composing a new message.

Step Three: Adding Subscriptions to Your Emails

There are two ways to add the subscription footer (called the Opt-Out footer) in the email.

unsubscribe.png Option 1: All Measured Messages

One is under PoliteMail > Account (Settings in v4.9) > Preferences. Checking “Enable Subscription” will put the footer in all measured email messages.

Option 2: Individual Messages

The second method adds the footer to individual messages. Once you open a new message and turn measurement on, go to the PoliteMail flag and choose Add/Remove Unsubscribe from the pull-down menu.


Your recipients will now see the footer at the bottom of the message. When clicked, the user will be brought to your Subscription page, displaying the lists you have enabled.


The user will then be allowed to check or uncheck which lists they want to be subscribed to. Once they do, a confirmation email will be sent to their email address to verify that they had confirmed the sign up. They will then be added to the mailing lists they have signed up for.

Changing the Opt-Out Footer Text

Once the footer is in your email, you have the option to change the default text of “Politely Take Me Off Your List.” Just right-click the text and choose Edit Hyperlink, then change the text to your liking in the 'Text to Display' box. In the Text to Display box, you can change the text to your liking.

Adding Subscription Options to a Website

Once you have enabled your lists for subscriptions, go to the Subscription page. You’ll see a button for Get Subscription URL. Clicking this will open a window with the URL of the subscription page.

You can copy and then add this link to any webpage where you want to give your visitors a chance to subscribe to your mailing lists. It behaves just like any other hyperlink, in which you can right-click on it to change the text to display.