Create a Subscription List with Opt-Out Options in PoliteMail 4.8-4.9

This process is for PoliteMail users on version 4.8 - 4.9.  For later versions, click here.

A subscription list enables your recipients to opt-in and opt-out of the list themselves. You will need to give recipients the option to opt-out if sending to a region with anti-spam laws. A list of global anti-spam laws can be found here

Customizing Your Opt-Out Page

It’s a good idea to begin by customizing your Opt-out page. Go to the PoliteMail from the Outlook Ribbon and choose Settings>Opt-out

Now you can begin to customize your Opt-out page. Choose Modify.

You can add a company logo and change the text. If you add a logo, make sure you click Upload to add the logo to the PoliteMail server. You can also Preview your page.

When you have finished, click Save.

Now when you compose a new message in PoliteMail, the Opt-Out option will automatically appear at the bottom of your message.

Creating a Subscription List

Go to PoliteMail in the Outlook Ribbon and click Lists > Mailing Lists.

Under the New pull-down menu, you have the option of creating a Filtered, Contact, or Hierarchy Lists.

Name your list, and then change No to Yes in the Subscription column.


Click Update to create the list. You can now either manually populate the mailing list, or Import a mailing list you created. For more information about importing mailing lists, click here.

Once your mailing list is populated, you can either go to Actions > Send New Message, or open a New PoliteMail message, and click the To field. Your new list should appear as an option.


Once you’ve typed your message, go to PoliteMail Flag > Enable Opt-Out.


Your custom opt-out message should now appear at the bottom of your email.

If your recipient chooses to opt-out, they will then be taken to your custom opt-out page to complete the opt-out.

Their email address in your Mailing List will also note that they have opted-out and will no longer receive messages from you.