On-prem? Run the PoliteMail prereq script to prepare for installation

*Please note the prereq script needs a minimum of 1 GB of RAM to run.*

You should have received a download link for the prereq script from your account manager. If not, email serversupport@politemail.com for the link.

Copy and paste the prereq script to the server on which you will be installing the software.







Extract the file onto a temporary folder on your C drive.

Temp Folder







Copy the file path.

Copy FilePath



Run Powershell as the Administrator.




Change directory to the file path.

sve directy



Execute the script.

execute script



Enter the technical contact name.

enter technical contact



Enter the technical contact email address.




Enter the FQDN of the computer.




An output will appear if the certificate matches the FQDN.




Once the script is run, it will install the necessary features and roles required to run the PoliteMail Server software.

When the script has completed, you will see a list of the roles and features installed, if any of them state “false”, fix the errors and re-run the script.

true or false





Next you will be asked to connect your SQL instance. Enter in the necessary information

Ready to Install




Once all steps are completed, you will be asked to email the results of the output file located in the temporary folder to your account manager who will create your user license.

Watch the video now:

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