Social Link Tracking – v4.5

Social Link Tracking – v4.5

Social Link Tracking allows you to track metrics, such as click throughs, for links posted outside of PoliteMail. For example, you can generate a tracked link for your website, put it in a Twitter or Facebook post, and view the results in PoliteMail.

To use Social Link Tracking, click on the icon in your main PoliteMail tab. Give the link a name, input the source URL, and click Create. You can then copy and paste the Tracked URL into your Twitter post, Facebook post, etc.

Social Link Icon

Social Media Tracking

To view the results, go to ResultsSocial Link tabdouble click on the name of the link to view metrics.

Results Icon

Social Link Tab

PoliteMail Metrics Definitions – v4.5

PoliteMail Metrics Definitions
Sent Total recipients message was addressed to [count of members in list(s)]
Devices Unique devices tracked (devices identified via browser agent)
Impressions Total number of all previews/opens (non-unique, total open count)
Undeliverables Hard bounces (returned to a mailbox PoliteMail is monitoring) Does not work with Aggregate tracking
Out of Office Out-of-office replies (returned to a mailbox PoliteMail is monitoring) Does not work with Aggregate tracking
Opt-Out Opt-out or unsubscribe action taken on this message
Opt-In Opt-in (to a PoliteMail subscription list)
Words Word count in message
Images Image count in message
Time to Read Time to read entire message content at 200wpm
Desktop Email accessed via desktop/laptop computer, as identified via browser user agent
Mobile Email access via a mobile device, as identified via browser user agent
Desktop Avg Read Average read time on computer
Mobile Avg Read Average read time on mobile device
Desktop Click Thru Click thru rate from computer
Mobile Click Thru Click thru rate from mobile device
Open Rate An open occurs when the message content (tracking image) is requested from the PoliteMail Server.  Opens are a unique count of messages opened (or previewed) at least once, by individual recipient (by unique device in aggregate).  Open Rate = Opens / (Sent – Undeliverable)
Multiple Opens Count of individual recipients with more than one open, of more than 3 seconds in duration (a quick preview < 3 seconds and is not counted)
Didn’t Open No data recorded, message not opened or images/content not downloaded
Ignored (<3 sec) Individual recipients who opened, but had the message open for less than 3 seconds. (of unique devices in aggregate)
Skimmed (<30%) Individual recipients who had the message open for less than 30% of the content length (in time)
Read Rate (30%+) A read is an individual recipients who had the message open for at least 30% of the content length (in time). Sums all non-ignore opens by individual recipient. Read Rate = Reads / (Sent – Undeliverable)
Engaged Reads (50%+) Individual recipients who had the message open for over 50% of the content length (in time). Sums all non-ignore opens by individual recipient.
Multiple Reads Individual recipients who had more than one read (>30% time open)
Left Open A read-time of over 150% of the Time to Read is considered left open
Avg Read Time Average of all Read Times (excluding noise of sub-2 second read times and read times (left open) > 150%) Average Read Time = Sum Read-Time / ReadTimes
PercentRead = Average Read Time / Time to Read
Click Through Rate A click is an individual recipient (unique devices in aggregate) who clicks at least one link in the email message.  Click Through Rate (CTR) = Clicks / (Sent – Undeliverable)
 Attention Rate Attention Rate = (Skimmed + Reads) / Opens Attention Rate highlights if the From address, send day/time and subject line are working to get the recipient’s attention
Effective Rate Effective Rate = Click Through Rate / Opens Effective Rate is the ratio Clicks to Opens, which indicates how effective the call to action was at getting clicks, counting only those you know had an opportunity to see it (opens)
Engagement Engagement Rate = PercentRead + (1-PercentRead * CTR) Calculation which combines Average Read Time and Click Through Rate into one metric which will not exceed 100%
Multiple Clicks Individual recipients (uniqe devices in aggregate) who clicked more than one link (or same link more than once)
Didn’t Click Individual recipients who did not click any links in the email
Total Clicks Total count of all clicks (non-unique count)
Total Links Total links included in the email message
Total URLs Total unique URLs included in the email message
Content Utilization Content Utilization = Clicked URLs / Total URLs Ratio of unique URLs clicked to unique URLs included in message
Likely Forward Tracked messages which were opened by 3+ unique devices
Replies Individuals who replied to the message


PoliteMail Version 4.5 Build Sheet


PoliteMail v4.5 Release Notes: Jan 1/21/15 build

1/14/15: Updates to feature requests

Description Work Item Status
Import Outlook or Exchange DL into PM mailing list Feature Request 764 Complete
Enable Personalization in Anonymous Tracking Feature Request 41, 279 Complete
Disable ability to create duplicate list name, content names Feature Request 245 Complete
Add support for Outlook/Word text boxes in HTML conversion (included Word Art objects) Feature Request 531 Complete
In no-track feature, Remove ?notrack=true and &notrack=true from links during send Feature Request 503 Complete

1/14/15: Fixes and Enhancements (Since v4.1 Note. v4.5 includes fixes from all prior v4 builds)

Description Work Item Status
Undeliverable and OOO tracking for Anonymous and Aggregate sends Bug 15, 18 Partial (1/26: anonymous is resolved, aggregate does not have appropriate structure, will not resolve in this release)
Drill down for Didn’t Open, Didn’t Click Requires updated SQL (non-indexed) to generate these segments Bug 502 Resolved
IE8 Support (JavaScript for grid, grid rendering, selections) IE8 support requires specific work-a rounds to enable complete data grid functionality) Bug 935 Resolved
Default Tracking Option on Preferences page should force refresh on save (not require Outlook restart).  Remove no-tracking option. Bug 15, 18 Resolved
Total Device count doesn’t always match desktop device count plus mobile device count Bug 23 Resolved
Manager User Controls Enable View permissions for all users within Group Enable multiple managers per group Enable Managers to view other managers within Group Enable Multi-Manager Content/List Sharing Bug 207, 208, 322, 459 Resolved
Duplicate contacts issue (on scheduled anonymous send) Duplicate contacts on import, Duplicate emails on send Bug 230 Resolved
Warn user when duplicate contacts are manually input (and use/load existing record) Bug 298, 438, 440 Resolved
Add Send From mailbox in Preferences doesn’t display until page is refreshed Bug 299, 439 Resolved
Long subject, to addresses overlap in campaign report Bug 328 Resolved
Import button cut-off, when user changes character encoding on import contacts from CSV Bug 329 Resolved
Send is interrupted (incomplete) if Outlook/Word proofing tools are missing/not installed (word count/grade level) Bug 339 Resolved
Enable logo upload, reset (none) and reload to opt-in/opt-out pages Bug 332 Resolved
Link Reporting Errors and Anomalies In List metrics report, not all links included within link details (intermittent) Smart attachment tracking and links not showing in link details for any Anonymous send (intermittent) Data and alignment on Excel export of Click Details Incorrect reporting of didn’t click in some situation with multiple links to same URL URL count in Link Details header sometimes inaccurate Bug 399, 435, 436, 443, 454-57 Resolved
Negative number of devices being reported (test data) Bug 433 Resolved
Links drop-down increases as a result of link clicks (not just sends) Bug 458 Resolved
Word/Excel Export anomalies, decimal, and layout issues Bug 467, 472, 479 Resolved
Sent item doesn’t always write, sent items left in drafts Bug 471, 477, 480, 481, 482 Resolved
Multiple Opens not always recording *Algorithm change: Multiple opens are now counted when multiple non-ignored opens are recorded, from any device Bug 484 Resolved
Forward Tracking inaccuracies *Algorithm change: Forwards are now categorized as “Likely Forwards” as a result of 3+ unique devices access an individual or anonymous message Bug 487 Resolved
Q&A Results not counted as clicks, Q&A data not in exports Bug 486 Resolved
Undeliverable/opt-out percentages are not being reported (count but no %) Bug 489, 598 Resolved
Anomaly in Replies count (test data) Bug 493 Resolved
Q&A questions input into Mobile Responsive templates may break layouts (some combinations), erroneous display of Q&A Icons Bug 505, 511 Resolved
ASP State Database (on premise) Customization/Renaming, carry over connection string, enable encrypting when custom Bug 515, 516 Resolved
SQL Server deadlock issue Bug 552 Resolved
Templates (edits) left in drafts folder Bug 535 Resolved
Enable expansion of local Outlook address groups (non-exchange DLs) Bug 563 Resolved
Import contacts – do not enable import of ‘;’ at end of email address, will not send Bug 567 Resolved
When Groups labels are deleted, set users/content assigns to those groups to blank/all Bug 573 Resolved
Do not allow saving/creating of an invalid URL as a social link Bug 596 Resolved
Allows user to select and send to an empty PoliteMail list without warning Bug 639 Resolved